Friday, March 5, 2010

Julie & julia

I truly enjoyed watching this movie last night. It inspired me to do this blog even more. The Movie is based on a true story of two women in different eras and developed the same passion of cooking. Julie through Julia cook book discovered herself, she created a blog where her project was to cook all Julia recipes in her cook book in 365 days....

All about Movies

I decided to create this blog yesterday. I was searching online for the latest DVD's that came out on Tuesday. I didn't see a site that gave me everything that I needed to make my picks. I wanted some details, movie trailers, some reviews, comments and thoughts about the movies from people that actually watched them. I would consider myself a movieholic....

Every weekend I spend majority of the time watching DVD's and hanging out with my daughter. I hardly have time to go to the movies. Being a new mother has it challenges and one of the sacrifices was having less of a social life to be here with my daughter. So, I decided if I can't go to the movies bring the movies home to me.

This blog is for all who are passionate about movies, to share their picks, their thoughts and the movies that are worth watching.

Happy Flickstering...fellow movieholics